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                                            Answering the question...

                                                 "What's for dinner?"               

How Many Meals Should I Order?

Things to consider when ordering meals from your personal chef:

How many meals per week would you like to have prepared (2-7)?

Our singles and couples usually don't need 5 to 7 meals a week.  They just need a little help getting 1-3 healthy, delicious dinners on the table per week; so a typical plan is what we call a 5 x 2.

Five entrees x two servings rendering 10 complete meals which can be consumed over a 2 to 3 week period since most entrees are freezer friendly.

How many servings do you need per entree?


If you are single, perhaps you want two servings per entree, this way you can  stretch meals into two weeks for a better value.

Most of our families will  order 4 to 5 entrees with 4-6 servings bi-weekly, depending on family size and if they would like leftovers for lunches or individual meals for their busy children when they cannot eat together.

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Dinners By Design is a professional personal chef service offering affordable individual and family meal plans of nutritious, wholesome foods.  We provide complete, balanced meals prepared in your kitchen and specifically designed to satisy your taste preferences and attain your health and nutritional goals.

 Now you can sit down and enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal made from scratch without the hassle of cooking or even grocery shopping while we save you time, energy and money.

What IS for dinner?

 At the end of a long, busy day that's one question Dinners by Design can help you answer.


Dinners by Design can also cater your special event,

from a romantic candle light dinner for 2

to a small dinner party or a special event to 100!



Schedule a private COOKING LESSON or

Design your own COOKING PARTY

Visit with friends while you sip, taste delicious food, get  tips, techniques & learn new recipes!


Go for the interative class where you and friends are chopping, dicing, grilling, sauteeing and then eating food you selected and prepared -- with the help of your personal chef, of course!

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Answering the question ...

"What's for Dinner?"


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